.who do u fight for???/.

i was born with vision, vision to see things as they truly are and vision to see things before they become. the trouble in paris has been a hot topic for longer than about a week ago, before jayz and kanye west announced there was ‘niggas in paris’ there were bad people in paris, people there who wished to tear down the system and remove christ from this world. the fucked up thing is; i believe paris wanted them there. just like paris wanted beyoncé and jayz and kanye and kim kardashian living in their country a little while ago they wanted this war, which is what complicates the next step we must take as a globe.

the first black president, president barack obama, recently came on to announce paris as our oldest ally, which is truthfully backed by the colors in our flag and the one hundred fifty foot woman standing valiantly at our door. still, there is cause for hesitation in which step we are to take next. blessed, france has already initiated a response attack on the named perpetrators and has found and executed the presumed mastermind. all of this was done with a quicker turnaround than what it took for seal team six to find osama bin laden after the attacks on the world trade center in twothousandone. but still; there is reason for hesitation.

someone in the room is lying… and it is stinking up the whole atmosphere. the truth is this is not the first time that france has been ‘bombed’ by ‘terrorists’ and rumor has it they have gone so far as to initiate a few of these attacks on themselves in attempt to inspire serious american assistance from a government that has been dragging its feet for more than a decade. the most recent attack is said to have been carried out by a syrian terrorist group that was found in the german city of belgium, which puts us right back to where we started at the crux of world war ii. –enter russia and vladimir putin.

to call the puff daddy the devil reincarnated would not bee to far off base considering the devil’s main job. we all know the devil proudly boasts the greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist which, is how he continues to daze and confuse millions daily. see, right there, you immediately doubted and wiped from your mind the possibility of the devil being sean p. diddy combs, probably because he is “just some rapping nigga.” &&- that’s how he wants you to feel so he can work undisturbed. butt uhhhhhh.. think about what rap music promotes, more exclusively what puff daddy’s style of rap music promotes. the notorious biggie smalls was one of the most gruesome and horrific talents to walk this earth. with only two albums, his catalogue included tracks like, ‘ten crack commandments’ ‘ready 2 die’ and a ‘story to tell’ which graphed the rappers sexual conquest over another man’s wife, which is clearly prohibited by the bible [which is a manuscript ordered by the devil, by the way]. puff daddy killed him for it, because the devil does not have a standard of rules, only a desire for confusion. that act was then followed by other supporters of disillusionment and confusion like loon, fifty cent, and french montana, who’s sole purpose today is to carry the message across the ocean to where the fighting is taking place. do not be blind to this strategy. it works as good as it works because you do not believe it works at all.

when you turn on the radios, you hear glasses clinking, ciroc and deleón liquor spilling to the ground poisoning the earth, asses being smacked, women being objectified and humiliated, murders being planned, plotted, && executed, and money being worshipped. the person who controls and idolizes this kind of chaos and mayhem undoubtedly would be akin to lucifer right??/

and here is where our hesitation lies… because we have fought this war before and still no one wants to admit the truth we all know. this war is over an africa who neglected to join us in unison during the last world wars. they asked for the devil’s power to mystify the world, got it, and sold it to the next person, which is a crime that must be paid for.

the story repeats itself celestially from the heavens above, directly down to your door and zip code, and into your bones, blood, and dna. i remember in twothousand.one right after the twin towers dropped [a prediction of p. diddlez] the world was in a frenzy to see what america would do next in retaliation. everyone was scared america would turn its back on past deals and react ungracefully in a time everyone was reaching to aid and extend their hand.

in my personal life i had just received a letter from president bill clinton congratulating me on my academic achievements. my home was in detroit michigan. my middle school teachers were going above and beyond their duty as instructors in attempt of creating a curriculum to inspire my mind to be greater than great, and i had just been invited on a trip through germany, new zealand, india, and south africa through the people to people student ambassador program. because of the attacks that happened to america on september eleventh twothousand.one i was not able to attend the program founded on september eleventh nineteen.sixtyfive by our thirty.fourth president, dwight d. eisenhower.

we can talk about what the ‘hotline’ is or isn’t butt uhhhhh…. i remember mi ‘hotline blinging’ like craze around the millennial shift. there were people in africa complaining that puff daddy specifically, had moved to africa, bought contracts, stole lives, and set up shop. we’ll call the shop halliburton.  the situation had been explained to myself in the eighties by a group of world leaders including michael jackson so, i knew what was going on and immediately gave an order to cease fire. i could not cosign the start of a war if i could not oversee it from an advantaged point to even the playing field. the message went out to the queen, her parliament, our president, beyoncé, hilary clinton, mr. t. everyone. and i had officially made an enemy out maybe one of my oldest celestial friends the puff daddy.

i remember this was around when diddy was dating j.lo, and the mexican border was beginning to open up. i suggested that we stop letting mexicans into the country, and any mexican who came could come but, they had to stay. we specifically wanted women, not men, as many of them really only had the idea to come up here and steal money for whoever.  i promise you, those mexicans were ready to give their life to beyoncé, i just was not in a position to take it. and those africans who had once promised to give their life to puffy, had thankfully decided they wanted something greater. i AM not anonymous i AM hidden [trick number two].

sir diddley swore he was just cleaning the land so that i could have it, which was agreed, but here i AM typing to you from behind a screen in an unknown location.. there had already been too much invested to the idea of war and machinery purchased.  someone; blair, diddy, cheney, or whoever promised that i would make money off of this feature and what resulted after was syrian, iraqi, and many people all across the middle east agreeing to take the weapons and fight a war for the lord in the interest of protecting brown and black people in middle east and africa.

i do not know who their lord is butt uhhhhh… i do know isil and isis are two different tactical groups that join together for the protection of their regions in the middle east. america, more specifically president obama, would like you to believe they are the same thing as rumor has it one is funded by american dollars and the other spends them. most of the money is spent terrorizing neighboring countries like france, and syria, and in continuing the cycle of money from the american government and into certain american’s hands. if you are one of these americans you are a traitor to your country and also a theif… but of course, the devil is cool with stealing right??/ of course!! as long as it detracts from the lord’s ultimate goal… which is most immediately to remove satan’s spirit from this earth and restore the garden of eden to it’s original perfection.

i promise you there is going to be a war, i AM just waiting to see who’s side you are on. so…… the question arises, who do you fight for??/ God or money???//
aint shit pretty.


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