.black life matters.

it’s a shame that a race of people so strong, a nation of people so determined, and a country of people self-obligated can’t agree on something so juvenile. the lives of black people matter. yes, all life matters but black life matters more than any other life on this earth because like the white polar bear, or the mexican gray wolf, or the freaky ass dolphin the japanese girl keeps killing; the black man is endangered. there has a been a systematic killing of our people for generations on top of generations and we have never found our refuge. what’s worse is this genocide was started by one of our own.

we were taken from our homes in africa, taken from our traditions, kicked out of our communities and made to watch them burn down repeatedly. no other group of people on earth have faced such harsh treatment globally as the black [woe]man, and for no other reason than the secret being hidden that God once walked this earth as a black man. this secret has caused a hatred and mistrust that runs deep as the nile in a place that once only sprung life for love. it saddens me.

this is an eclectic group of people, diverse in color as the rainbow allows, and the denial remains consistent. from infancy we are taught by our parents the rules of right && wrong — good &&& bad. someone who does something wrong is a person who trips an elderly as they are walking by and snickers. a person who does something good is someone who gives up their seat on the bus without obligation to the ill. beyond that, there is the adage, ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…’

the story of how we [black people] ended up on that boat destined to america is one that is passed around and joked about ignorantly. no one remembers exactly who’s idea it was, nor even what village initially made the deal, but we do agree as the adage says, ‘fool me once…’ since, we have been the butt of mankind’s joke. a once proud and economic civilization reduced to nothing, mostly because their neighbor was jealous. we gave up our seat to the throne for the glory of God and have been ridiculed for it.

i want you to once again think of the kind of person that gives up their seat, multiple times; knowing the world is laughing behind their back. that person is not a thief, a scoundrel, a lame, a miscreant, a hoodlum, a gangster, a villain, a bad person, reprobate, nor any of that. that person is someone you should call brother and praise. that person is to be welcomed and cherished.

it’s not enough for some that we were taken away from our homes in africa, but they wish to stupefy us into forgetting our heritage and beginnings. i prophet there is no man alive who would stand idle watching a teenage boy overpower and the steal the possessions of a small child day after day. eventually any of us would see the need to intervene and return her her joy and treat. instead in america, the energy and love of black people is stolen, trifled, and sold.  rather than return that glory to it’s owner there are others who see their chance for profit and attempt to move in with their hands extended. it is for this reason that i refuse to believe any other life matters more than a black life and i reject any person who says they are moving to this country to capitalize off capitalism.

if not for a black life you would have not gotten to extend from the garden of eden. and if not for a black life your interests in america would be nonexistent because we are the ones who built it to it’s greatness. matter of fact; if not for a black life you’d be naked and afraid without the shirt you’re wearing on your back right now.

every few years a new race of people jump into the ship and cnn deems them the new ‘african-americans’ because of some disregard to white privilege. first off: i AM not african american, i am american. and i, like raven symone, AM a black american. i do not know which country mi people resided in because i have been bought, brainwashed, and stupefied by the corruptness of an american system that i AM now embedded but, i know i AM not from nigas, niger, nor nigeria, and irregardless of what one billion chinese niggas might have to say, i AM not a nigger!

asians, mexicans, indians, gays [who are in not even identifiable by an ethnic group], and now we’re back to white people, have chosen to ignore our investment. what’s worse is this treatment gets back around to africans from the very countries that first banished us rejoining and restarting the cycle by condemning us once again because we still aren’t “black” enough.  we mean so little to them, because God loved us so much.

i left cleveland shortly after the death of eric garner and tamir rice earlier this year.  i remember watching the news and becoming enraged at the continuance of what i see as a systematic murdering of ‘my’ people in the streets. i turned off my tv, packed a bag immediately, and didn’t tell anyone. to be truthful, i honestly didn’t know where i was going, and i still don’t know. but, i knew if there’s someone out there attempting to one by one kill all black people i was not going to be waiting for them in the house sitting on the couch.

the death of trayvon martin hit us all hard, and the backlash inspired by freddie gray will never be forgotten but that is not the sole reason black life matters. black life matters because black life contains the kaa of jehovah, God above all. to extinguish this energy would be to extinguish yourself. believe me when i tell you, you do not wish to extinguish yourself. you wish to be celebrated. it is for that reason you can’t come here with your hand out. you have to come here ready to hand out all that you have, and it is your obligation to know who matters before you start dealing. believe me when i say this shit aint pretty.

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