.the secret to life.

everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. it’s a simple formula that has stumped man for centuries. the question has been asked since the beginning of time, “what is the secret to life???/” by now, we’ve all seen the movie or read the book. but, for many it’s hard to believe that just wishing it would happen is going to get you a billion dollars. that’s because we forget one important truth that makes this bit of magic work, everything you do has to be in favor to someone else.

how many times have you been in your house, comfortably watching cartoons in your footied pajamas only to receive a phone call from your best friend. ‘hey man, get dressed. i’m on my way to swoop, let’s go get something to eat.’ you turn off the cartoons, put your half eaten bowl of icecream in the sink, get dressed, and join your friend for dinner. how upset are you at the end of the meal when your supposed best pal ask you to cover the entire bill at the end of your meal??/ if this is how many of your relationships go, i imagine you feel drained pretty often. that’s because someone forgot everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. when you turned off your cartoons and put pants on so your friend didn’t have to eat dinner alone, that was a favor to them. a good friend would return the favor immediately perhaps by paying your end of the bill or maybe buying you a drink at the next location. if this rule is followed you two will have happiness and joy in your relationship for eternity.

this theory explored further could be practiced in the work place, where teammates pass notes and information along amongst each other to get a project done. the group finishes the project on time in favor to their boss whom, they selected and accepted as the best candidate to represent them. the boss then sells the group’s project earning the highest bid for his team in appreciation, and once more he returns the favor to them in the form of a weekly paycheck. the team is then presumed to work harder on the next project and receive higher rewards with the cycle continuing, in favor to the corporation. this is a most joyous and favonian system to follow, and can be showcased larger to scale through world trade and the influence it has on special organizations like the united nations and nato.

the question: probably first comes to question right before you enter the world, i know for me it did. i remember a lot of things. asking, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ being one of the most vivid. or perhaps it was someone asking me to remember to ask. anyway, i remember God knowing i wasn’t really concerned with the answer, being stumped himself, and instead asking me the meaning. i got a secret in exchange for my devotion. i told him, i believed the meaning of life was to be the best me i could be containing his spirit. it was something another angel had told me to say but, knowing better than to lie to God, i placed it in my own words. he responded with a glint, “if that is what you really want to do, you must go and make sure every thing you do is to share your love with another. they need it really bad down there. now more than ever.”

with that last piece of advice i was kicked out of heaven, there was a bright light, and that is when life began as far as i can remember.  so from that moment i was living my life in favor to someone else, the entire world, in fact.

someone asked you to come to earth and help them in some way, in exchange they made a promise to God for what they would do for you. we do ourselves a disservice when we get sidetracked from that task of fulfilling our obligation to God in that way. this earth contains many distractions to keep you blindsided to your spiritual obligations and focused on your human body’s own vanities. if you truly wish for all the joy the world has to offer never forget that you are here solely to share that joy with someone else. and if you share that joy with someone who wishes to share that joy with you as well,  you will be better for it. &&- the story gets even more interesting when we all learn to share that kind of contentment with each other as a globe. it’s a theory that starts as small as a baby’s toe but grows as strong as a lion’s heart.

you know the motto #prettyshitonly

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