.the secret to life.

everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. it’s a simple formula that has stumped man for centuries. the question has been asked since the beginning of time, “what is the secret to life???/” by now, we’ve all seen the movie or read the book. but, for many it’s hard to believe that just wishing it would happen is going to get you a billion dollars. that’s because we forget one important truth that makes this bit of magic work, everything you do has to be in favor to someone else.

how many times have you been in your house, comfortably watching cartoons in your footied pajamas only to receive a phone call from your best friend. ‘hey man, get dressed. i’m on my way to swoop, let’s go get something to eat.’ you turn off the cartoons, put your half eaten bowl of icecream in the sink, get dressed, and join your friend for dinner. how upset are you at the end of the meal when your supposed best pal ask you to cover the entire bill at the end of your meal??/ if this is how many of your relationships go, i imagine you feel drained pretty often. that’s because someone forgot everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. when you turned off your cartoons and put pants on so your friend didn’t have to eat dinner alone, that was a favor to them. a good friend would return the favor immediately perhaps by paying your end of the bill or maybe buying you a drink at the next location. if this rule is followed you two will have happiness and joy in your relationship for eternity.

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.everybody dies.

straight from cnn.com a list of people who must be killed in order for the war against isil and terrorism to end… click below for the simplest answer.

who must be killed to beat isis and al qaeda?
by cnn’s tim lister

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.i know i AM not the only one.

  • i heard someone say the ‘a’ in nigga stands for america.
    • which is why i don’t think we should get rid of the word but, start calling white people negroes because they didn’t grow here. if you were born and bred here in america, ‘wuddup mi nigga!!!’
  • i grew up in the murder mitten by the way. so when i say mi way i mean mi way.
  • for some reason i thought after gay marriage became legal puff daddy would cum out the closet.
    • i’ve actually been in a closet with that man before and i AM one hundred percent sure the world would be a more joyous place if he did.
  • i remember one day i was watching diddy and cassie on tv and thought to myself how long they’ve been together and that they should just get married by now because it wasn’t fair to cassie.
    • i swear the very next day diddy was on mtv announcing his engagement.
  • i have to make it back to new orleans.
    • charbroiled oysters && crawfish calling mi name.
  • i never thought it was right that people had to hide who they were to make someone else happy butt uhhhhhh… gay people are a little annoying talking about it all the time.
    • i know i AM not the only one who thought that before.
      • they think they know everything am i right???//
  • emirates really bee flyy forreal too butt uhhhhhhhh.. not flyyyer than them lil asian kids.
    • i fucks with asia, especially them lil older asian ladies… xoxx
  • can i is probably drake and beyonce’s worst song butt uhhhhhhhhhhh… even still it’s probably mi best.
    • can i – drake ft. beyonce && PhD
      • i know i AM not the only one who hates drake and beyonce on the same track butt uhhhhhh… that track goes.
    • i didn’t like yours + mine neither mostly because i felt the whole song was done out of spite and it was supposed to be a lover’s moment.
      • i still spoke mi piece on the mfnPhD remix doe.
      • i know i AM not the only one who thinks one of them should just hit me up so we can get to work on some bangers forreal.
        • fuck drake a lil bit by the way.
  • i know i AM not the only one still bumping mi copy of ‘beyonce’ neither.
    • i just need a crib so i can watch them videos twentyfour.seven on mute, like i said i would be doing.
      • i gotta be the only person in the world who really bee meaning the shit he say.
  • i get tired of writing about beyonce everyday buttt uhhhhhhhh… she’s an egomaniac if she reads this site or not.
    • translation: i hate that hoe, i make it so hard just to talk, don’t i??/ i get on topic don’t i??// i get it poppin don’t i???//
  • wat the fuck is going on in miami right now??//
  • i’d probably still be living in new orleans looowkey if i wasn’t poor and they didn’t have hurricanes.
    • translation: i can’t swim and i wasn’t trying to die.
  • i heard when the world ends only the poor people are going to die.
    • i know i AM not the only one.
  • aint shit pretty.
    • i always keep it #prettyshitonly