.i get tired.

i get tired. of everything. like, i do not want to live here anymore. i just want to go home, and then i don’t want to live there anymore neither. i just want to be alone.

i grow frustrated. there are a million issues on my plate right now, and a million more tucked away. no one cares about the troubles you face. just show up “here,” on time, and leave quietly.

i turn disgusted. people will approach you with open arms, only so you see their hands are extended. i would offer you the world if you understood it’s beauty. but you are ugly, and you are ok with that. the facts of life do not make me judge you any differently, they just let me know that i AM not from this world.

i flipped on the news today and saw pluto listed as a planet again; good. i clicked through more and saw seasonal changes in mars have produced water on the planet, so??/ no one cares: be honest. we live in a country that has went on record numerous times, against my wishes, stating we have no use for a space program. still, every other week we are looking for life in other worlds… there’s a katt williams jokes in here somewhere. or maybe a diddy, shiny suit one that everyone is missing… if you don’t want to be on this planet anymore, you know how to leave… kill yourself.

i supported president obama for most of the duration of his term as a president, but i would be lying if i didn’t say he is ending his term worse than any before him. this is the time to coast and accept the praise. give yourself another nobel peace prize or something??/ i don’t know. i AM tired of hearing him contradict himself in every other appearance, negating the work that was laid out for him. it’s a clear indicator that he was unaware of his next step at every turn and used assistance. i don’t know if it’s because since my homelessness i have not been able to pay as much attention to the issues or whatever but, start the war already… or kill yourself.

i AM voting for bush. a bush got us in the war, and a bush will get us out of it. i rather fight two, three, five years of assured war and get it over with, than let the lives of multiple generations be toyed with and wasted for greed. the people you work for are cowards. tell em i said kill you or kill themselves and trust they’ll make the right decision.

i admit the first time i said i was voting for jeb it was because, fuck YOU. but i had to take the time to make sure i listened to the things he says and his mind. he seems like an intelligent being, much more literate than his brother, or father for that matter. recently quoted stating, “we’re a pluralistic society. we’re diverse, we have people that come from everywhere.” i AM reminded of why i chose america as my home, and why i want to leave now. when i was born they told me there would be a war, and that they were bringing it to american soil, not because they hated us, but because they loved us. you’ve never been scared before, so do not start to be now. i would never lie to you on something this serious. if you sense they are lying it is because they are, and they are lying because they are afraid. it breaks my heart and hurts my soul when i meet people from other countries who have left their nation and family behind to come to america in pursuit of something that does not truly exists. the feeling of knowing you gave everything for nothing is enough to kill yourself… i know.

i AM not surprised to hear fifty cent went bankrupt and bought a house in africa. there’s another multi-millionaire he does business with from new york that i wish would go away and do the same. do not use my will and make me promises and expect your life to be kept. fuck YOU.

i suggest if you don’t want to have a war; do not have a son. if there are no men to fight, there will be no men at war. these are the kinds of things they taught me as i was growing up, or do we no longer have culture???//

i really want people to think fully about their actions and the reverberations they cause. there are things all of us could be doing to make our stay on this orb more enjoyable for the next person, but instead we choose to focus on ourselves, the booze, the bentleys, and the yachts the jay-z’s and puff daddies of the world are flaunting around in.

i saw sheikh rashid bin mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, son of the ruler dubai, recently passed away due to heart complications and send my condolences. dubai is a beautiful land, that i wish to own property and entertain people in one day soon. death is never easy to deal with and i have always wondered how those remaining on earth deal with it.

i still aint got a beyoncé to call my own so, i just might kill myself here sooner than later.. aint shit pretty here no way… and i just read andromeda is the new jewel.

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