.house hunter.

i have traveled and lived in more than a few cities across the u.s. and have grown to appreciate the architecture of the world because of it. they say you haven’t really been to a city until you been to the hood in that city, which is why every new city i travel i make sure i touchdown. still; i AM like uncle elroy with the shits. soon as i get my money you bets believe i AM gonna be gone!!!! 

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.i get tired.

i get tired. of everything. like, i do not want to live here anymore. i just want to go home, and then i don’t want to live there anymore neither. i just want to be alone.

i grow frustrated. there are a million issues on my plate right now, and a million more tucked away. no one cares about the troubles you face. just show up “here,” on time, and leave quietly.

i turn disgusted. people will approach you with open arms, only so you see their hands are extended. i would offer you the world if you understood it’s beauty. but you are ugly, and you are ok with that. the facts of life do not make me judge you any differently, they just let me know that i AM not from this world.

i flipped on the news today and saw pluto listed as a planet again; good. i clicked through more and saw seasonal changes in mars have produced water on the planet, so??/ no one cares: be honest. we live in a country that has went on record numerous times, against my wishes, stating we have no use for a space program. still, every other week we are looking for life in other worlds… there’s a katt williams jokes in here somewhere. or maybe a diddy, shiny suit one that everyone is missing… if you don’t want to be on this planet anymore, you know how to leave… kill yourself.

i supported president obama for most of the duration of his term as a president, but i would be lying if i didn’t say he is ending his term worse than any before him. this is the time to coast and accept the praise. give yourself another nobel peace prize or something??/ i don’t know. i AM tired of hearing him contradict himself in every other appearance, negating the work that was laid out for him. it’s a clear indicator that he was unaware of his next step at every turn and used assistance. i don’t know if it’s because since my homelessness i have not been able to pay as much attention to the issues or whatever but, start the war already… or kill yourself. Continue reading


september eleven goes down in history as the day that changed every thing on our soil. i remember being in school and hearing of the attack. i remember the conversations being held previous to the attack. and i remember the pandemonium that broke out afterward. we still are not recovered from that attack as a nation and i dont know if we ever will bee.

the truth of the matter it’s all a lie, everything. if i were to say the attacks on nine/eleven were acts of terror established by the illuminati you’d stare at me blinking in disillusionment. but if i told you the initial intent you’d be flush with grimace. we are in trouble, and the only way out of the kind of trouble we’re in is to fight! believe me. when i say i want a war, i want it for your peace.

i remember after the tragedy of nine/eleven the patriots won the superbowl. i took that victory for new england as a sign of unification for those affected on the east coast, and for us as a nation empathizing. last year when tom brady and the patriots won the superbowl that’s what that was to me, a reminder of how great we are as a nation, and i hope he reminds you all again. i wanted americans to remember where we’ve been, what we’ve been through, and how great we truly are. the unity we share as a whole cannot be exemplified, but multiplied.

fourteen years after the attacks of nine/eleven and two presidents later what do we have to show for ourselves??/ what to show for our glory. i just got back, there is still turmoil in the mideast. africa is still underprivileged and underdeveloped. the perpetrators have gotten away and are now being celebrated. the american dollar has folded and set off a domino. and all the while haliburton is still getting richer. where are the benefits for the people suffering in the streets??/ where is the justice of democracy???//

i heard obama is accepting ten thousand syrian refugees and i pray to allah he does not fuck it up. i have dated syrian women and they are some of the most beautiful women in the world, it’s imperative that lady liberty only accepts these syrian women of age and compliance in this stage of war.

the winner of war is the one who has done the most raping, pillaging, and killing. we are at war, regardless of how they describe it. we have killed, we have pillaged, and we must now take their women if we are to make good on our promises. taking in men not only makes us susceptible to more attacks like seen in boston during the recent marathon, but builds distrust between the two nations. syria sending their women to america would give them vested interest to not attack us, as men are naturally protective of their women and sisters. we should also be taking women away from syrian men who’s only intention themselves is to rape, and have more syrian children to prolong the war.

i would also suggest with the addition of syrians to our country, like with the mexicans around the time of nine/eleven that black americans get a status or class boost within the country they helped build. #blacklivesmatter is a horrible stance for a race of people with a leader in the white house. we are a proud people that have been ignored and abused for too long and i honesty believe the mistreatment many brothers and sisters receive on the regular makes adjusting immigrants distrustful of the government and it’s leaders.

and if you think i forgot about africa you are out of your mind. americans, not just black americans, should start looking into ways to invest into africa. if the best a country like china could say is we own the land. we could at least be better than that, and own ours. showing some tlc to the earth as a globe perhaps would gain us the respect and appreciation we demand. your support of the new yeezy sneakers does what to excel our global status??// you’re a pious, pompous, piece of shit, and those shirts you got that say seattle seahawks superbowl xlix champs mean, ‘fuck you!!’ butt uhhhhh… then again #2020YE….. #aintshitpretty