.free thought.

he gets angry at the direction in which things have gone. or is he angry that everything is gone??/ repeat.
he is not the only one focusing on the same thing every daze. you’re in a daze. you must bee confused. love is not some thing you are in but more accurately something he makes.
he. is a builder, an architecture of dreams. we should get together sometime and dance besides the fire. he will usher you to freedom. are you sure??/ type: unsure.
in the back of your mind you know fire is a destroyer. the feelings you have for him have grown consuming. this could bee dangerous. gravity has gotten a hold of me. did i ever tell you about the time….
good. you remember.



yesterday i slept beneath an evergreen.
it was a dream worth seeing.
the needles fell but did not prick.
i tossed nd turned but did not shift.
yesterday i slept beneath an evergreen.
a bird stopped by to rest his wings.
the air was cool beneath his feathers.
he sung songs of the world, knowing i was tethered.
yesterday i slept beneath an evergreen.
nd i awoke with a glint.
yesterday i slept beneath an evergreen.
hoping to refresh wat was meant.

aint shit pretty



miiiii bad for not getting back and checking in with yall. i have seriously been having the worst week ever, or are we on months now??/ fuck it… the whole year been shitty forreal butt uhhhhhh.. i AM not trippin, as we’re only half way through.

i know i promised an album version of screamfest this week butt uhhhhhh… see… what had happened was; my computer with all the music i was working on got stolen. i had like six unreleased projects on there, countless singles, posters, photographs, clothing designs, business proposals, scripts, and clips and now they’re all gone.
i literally have nothing now. i AM officially one of those people who goes to library and sits on the computer all day checking their yahoo account for craigslist ads, except i dont have an address to get a library card. so, i really just asked a stranger if i could borrow theirs real quick to write in mi diary.. yupp, i AM one of those people who ask strangers for strange favors and expects them to say ‘yeah.’ and no, i did not call it a diary, she did. either way i AM pissed, and wats all this shit i hear ab ghostwriters??// aint shit pretty.