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“Rodney Cotton, a former inmate of the downtown Manhattan jail usually referred to as “The Tombs,” has won a payout from New York City after alleging in a lawsuit that a six-day erection left his penis permanently damaged in 2011.

Cotton was awarded a $750,000 settlement, but rather than trying to repair his damaged schlong, the Brooklyn man plans to join his daughter in Atlanta, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

According to the paper, Cotton was serving time related to violation of parole after being busted in 2008 for illegal possession of prescription drugs. He’d been taking the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal for bipolar disorder, and one of the drug’s side-effects is priapism—a.k.a. a painful, persistent erection. The lawsuit charged that Cotton made numerous complaints about his erection, but that after a couple of visits to the jail’s infirmary, he was told to stick it out with nothing more than some Tylenol and an ice pack.

When he was eventually taken to see a third doctor, Cotton was quickly ushered to a local hospital and received emergency surgery—the insertion of a catheter—to deflate his erection. But the nightmare wasn’t over yet.

Stitches from the surgery, which were supposed to dissolve, apparently got stuck in the skin of Cotton’s penis, forcing doctors to surgically remove them (allegedly without anesthesia). The lawsuit contended that this caused Cotton to suffer “permanent injuries to his penis, including loss of function, mutilation of penis, continued pain, and discomfort.”

According to the suit, the botched surgery also rendered Cotton impotent. And because his erection was left untreated for so long, the damage went beyond what prosthetics might repair.

“I have to readjust my manhood,” Cotton told DNAInfo in June. Continue reading