monday, the first black president of the united states addressed the public, “racism- we are not cured of it. and it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘nigger’ in public. no, that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. societies don’t overnight, completely erase everything that happened two hundred to three hundred years prior.”

the sentiments fell on the heels of the south carolina shootings and murder of nine church going black men and women intended to start a race war in the streets. the angst and hatred people can have in their hearts for their neighbors is often disturbing, bringing to question is it worth even staying here??/ the true misfortune is this is an america that was built by black people, for black people and white people to come together and create a more efficient future. the news is a constant reminder of how far we have fallen off course.

lies. media. propaganda.

i question those in charge because while there are black families mourning in south carolina, black people seeking refuge in baltimore, and black souls starving every night on the street, our focus is obama saying the “n-word.” i remember growing up and playing with other kids who were often white and when their parents met my parent the whispers that followed. we were niggers, and we weren’t supposed to be talked to. i never intended to hurt anybody. but still i was a nigger and for that i wasn’t allowed to play with timmy and elizabeth anymore. that wasn’t three hundred ago and it wasn’t two neither, that was twenty. i try to tell myself things have changed but it’s a hard lie to swallow after turning on the tv.

i refuse to believe anyone was surprised obama said ‘the nword,’ maybe they were surprised by which ‘nword’ he used because, i do not personally know any niggers and i would hope he doesn’t neither. all obama did in addressing the situation in the way he did was give white america something to salivate. there was a group of honkey tonk white folk around me at the time of the broadcast airing who knew better, and at the same time there was group of what i would have assumed educated white folk who seemed proud to have voted for someone who was, ‘going to the put the niggers back in their place.’ you had to be oblivious.

it seemed as if recently the difference between a nigger and a nigga had been explained, washed away, and accepted through hiphop. though colors are still seen, this isn’t twenty years ago, and tensions are finally beginning to lighten thanks to the little riley curry’s of the world. in 2015 no one wants the niggers to come back, even though everyone wants a nigga.

if we all could remember why our families and ancestors came here all those years ago, there would be no need to discuss who is a nigga and who isn’t because we would all be. it’s only here in america where, people feel that kind of entitlement. i AM asking my brothers to come together and converse openly amongst each other love. white or black; we need to come together and put the truth out there for our future’s and their children. we have all their attention with no initiative. right now the media’s only intent it so to disarm, destroy, and dissuade you from yourself. don’t let it happen. or there will not be anything pretty for tomorrow.


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