.the playoffs.

i AM from cleveland, and i have been pissed off every since lebron james came back to play for the cavaliers. when you see me posting about being lost in neverland, or being unsure about which city i want to call home next, it’s because this guy is a real life asshole. his energy is literally haunting.

i first heard of lebron through pac when i was a kid, he was supposed to be like a brother to me, but we when pac got popped i kind of forgot about that. i was on my own with a lot of shit after that too. i moved to columbus around 02/03, and people immediately started asking me questions about the stud from akron. it forced me to think hard for a minute, but i immediately knew who they were talking about. i was more interested in what he had heard about me. it wasn’t until some of my homies who hooped put me on that i recognized his greatness, and that too was immediate. shit was cool forreal. i loved him. it was dope…

i remember the big thing was if he would end up at georgetown, duke, kansas, if we should link up, or what. i wanted to go to unconn, and think i almost had him convinced to go too, but as we all know he decided to go on and sign a deal with the nba and nike for record breaking numbers. i couldn’t be mad at that neither, especially since he decided to stay close to home, and i was sure he would return the love. i chose to go to school and study psychology at the ohio university like the good lil boy i had promised to be. everything was cooool, at least i thought.

it was other athletes at ou who had maybe knew somebody bron knew, or wanted to know him, and had heard about me from one of my girls or whatever, and immediately thought it would be funny to place us against each other, or try to manipulate me for their own profit, because i didn’t play. i was trying to keep shit cool, but shit just kept popping off. i had almost let it die down too until i met future at the que delta party, and bron got brought up after we had talked about bey for a hot minute. the way he felt about bron was weird but that’s the homie, so i told him to holla for me. i had been done with school, and was trying to find niggas again. i really wanted to know if it was still love, because attitudes had switched.

somewhere along the line the story got twisted, because all i remember is waking up on new years, one of my fraternity brothers trying to rape me, and claiming that he did it for lebron. this nigga had to be on drugs. i didn’t understand what me being raped had to do with lebron james, but that shit was not cool. we got into a big fight about who i loved, and money, and a lot of other things, i didn’t want to discuss in my current state. all i would say is i AM sure about who i AM, and i know that is not how it goes. i’ve extended myself plenty of times to everyone, and have even met with dan gilbert, but never foresaw anything like that happening.

stories had started to go around, i AM sure, and i try not to listen unless spoken too. but when lebron came back to cleveland i knew exactly what he wanted and i was heated!!! that shit pissed me off so much. to me, it wasn’t about cleveland getting a parade, which i did want for my community. it was about lebron hearing that somebody had set their eyes on me, and wanting to rub it in. if i didn’t believe lebron had something to do with me getting raped before, him moving back when he did had been the verification i dreaded. i had already decided in my mind fuck cleveland; the city raped me. i was leaving, fuck that money they got for the republican convention, and you must not have any love in your heart if you coming back to party with people who tried to steal from me. we were never supposed to be on the same side, but i assumed there was still a mutual respect between us. still, i took extra solace in watching lebron and the cavaliers fall to the golden state warriors in the nba finals last night…

do you believe???// aint shit pretty.


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