.two days.

two days. the day you go in and the day you get out. that third one will bout cry though. that third day is when it starts to set in, you’re alone. you always have been, and that’s why you’re where you’re at now trying to figure a way out. they gon offer you a phone call, but what the fuck you need a phone call for when everybody who gives a damn about you is already right there. “til death do us,” that’s what you’re cellie will say. you better hope your subconscious speaks up, ‘don’t fall in love’. this aint the place for a conscience. your conscience is supposed to love you. your conscience was supposed to keep you safe. who’s going to love me??/ that voice in the back of your head is a liar. there’s no way out now. twenty.four hour lockdown, you’d best to suck it up because when the lights go out it’s on. and when they cum back on is when you’ll see, out here, aint shit pretty. you should of known better than to bullshit a bullshitter.

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