.fuck you.

new mfnPhD. fuck you if you aint fuckin with it… fuck you, if you is.

aint shit pretty.


.six years without michael jackson.

it’s been six years since the death of michael jackson so i figured i would compile a list of six of my favorite michael jackson videos of all time.


6. black or white

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monday, the first black president of the united states addressed the public, “racism- we are not cured of it. and it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘nigger’ in public. no, that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. societies don’t overnight, completely erase everything that happened two hundred to three hundred years prior.”

the sentiments fell on the heels of the south carolina shootings and murder of nine church going black men and women intended to start a race war in the streets. the angst and hatred people can have in their hearts for their neighbors is often disturbing, bringing to question is it worth even staying here??/ the true misfortune is this is an america that was built by black people, for black people and white people to come together and create a more efficient future. the news is a constant reminder of how far we have fallen off course.

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.the playoffs.

i AM from cleveland, and i have been pissed off every since lebron james came back to play for the cavaliers. when you see me posting about being lost in neverland, or being unsure about which city i want to call home next, it’s because this guy is a real life asshole. his energy is literally haunting.

i first heard of lebron through pac when i was a kid, he was supposed to be like a brother to me, but we when pac got popped i kind of forgot about that. i was on my own with a lot of shit after that too. i moved to columbus around 02/03, and people immediately started asking me questions about the stud from akron. it forced me to think hard for a minute, but i immediately knew who they were talking about. i was more interested in what he had heard about me. it wasn’t until some of my homies who hooped put me on that i recognized his greatness, and that too was immediate. shit was cool forreal. i loved him. it was dope… Continue reading

.never in a thousand years.

i never met michael jackson, that was the dream though. there was a time in my life when i thought he would just show up to my window and we’d fly away to neverland. i never wanted to cum back. a part of me still cant ride a rollercoaster today without flashing back to the first grade.  i never grew up; mike would be proud.  still: i AM a lost boy, with dreams of leaving prints on the moon.  it’s hard to find people to align yourself when you dream so wildly. reality has a certain way of impugning circumstance on you. kings walk with kings, gladiators set chariots ablaze, and queens watch over the throne. i watched over the years as mike got into trouble with those kids and wondered what i could do to help a friend out. i guess at that age, you just believe whatever lies the tv tells you. it was me who needed help. someone told me when you receive you are supposed to give. that’s a motto i mostly use with women, but it’s good anywhere. forgive me if i cum off self absorbed, i promise you my heart is with your interests. i’ve always thought how to do a lot with a little, and have learned it’s better if you start with the little things. it was always amazing to me how he was able to bring together the world with his energy. that’s what i wanted to do, bring the world together. bridge gaps. if i could be friends with anyone in modern society, i’d want to be friends with  kim jong un. i wonder what him and dennis rodman be up talking about at night. that’s kind of a weird friendship to exploit to the world, don’t you think? or maybe i don’t know as much about friends as i thought i did… aint nothing pretty.