.european soul.

people seem to always be interested in what i AM listening to and considering myself to have a really advanced ear, i AM always willing to share. since the industry has turned it’s back on me however, it has gotten harder to appreciate the radio as much as i once did. it seems lately, every song is blasphemous forcing me to turn off and focus my energy on my own passions.  still, there is a lot of really good music out there if you’re willing to sift through the filters.

always being more of a fan of the indie artist with more obscure names i have recently been getting in touch with my european soul and listening to the second album from citizens! the album is simply phenomenal, and everything beck’s album should have been. [give her the grammy back beck!!]

i AM not going to give you a link this time, but if you are into europop you should definitely give it a listen. i expect this posts to be shortly followed by a citizens! x kanye remix of some sort, which means get it now, before their sound is ruined and they turn to shit!

i don’t usually listen to an album, if i can’t listen to the artist’s full project front to back without skipping a track, and citizens! definitely delivers a complete experience with european soul. it’s hard for me to pick out just one song to call my favorite. i really like the way it makes you feel wholly. there are ups and downs and turnarounds that give this album it’s fun loving bounce.

if i had to pick just one though, i would probably pick “trouble.” trouble arcs the sophomore effort by placing boy and girl next to each other in a naughty imaginative. if you’ve ever loved the girl next door european soul recomposes those feelings, with trouble being your chance to get her bent over your knee and finally have your fantasies lived out. another standout is xmas japan, which places the absurd upside down. suddenly everything isn’t all love but, instead cold in a world of machines. citizens! remain upbeat in their approach throughout, and give hope that love will live again by following it up with “are u ready??/”

well……. i AM ready for you my european girl bc, you’re my kind of girl. so, why are you waiting for your lover???//

nothing’s gonna pretty…. until you’re only mine.

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