.poor people hang with poor people.

there are times when i feel like i AM from another planet and there are others when i wish i was. the disconnect a person can have from his physical self can easily place him out of touch to his mental. there are wavelengths that shift and capture energy placing him in corners of the universe only imaginable in dream sequence. yet, the walking hours are spent in search of sense.

modern society suggest when you wake in the morning you walk out your door, get in your car, and you go to the money and; that is the only thing that makes cents to the trained brain. we’re on a perpetual journey to obtain betterment. in fact, your only actual job on this earth is obtaining betterment. the idea of being better than you were the day before, the week, month, year; better than your fathers and mothers before you, better still than person you left behind last. it’s a journey that never ceases and a journey that keeps the world spinning. when they say “money makes the world go round,” it’s because of your incessance to obtain.

to question this incessance would bring to question one’s sanity, and quickly put him/her on the outskirts of society’s comfort. comfort being an upkeep of civilization, there is a general consensus that the rested are the weak, and the weak are on whom to feed. there is enough to go around, but communion is reserved for the clean. in order to keep the waters clean civilization requires that only those trained through obstinacy socialize. the weak being foul, are viewed as savage.

antiquity recalls the holy for their cleanliness. a walk through the ghettos traversing the filth on the streets in avoidance of the quartered savages would easily lead one to believe God only loves the rich. the rich themselves often feeling they are ordained would want for you to believe themselves to be gods. taking it a step further you may be requested to give yourself themselves; this is a type of love called sacrifice. the same sacrifice that perhaps made you weak in beginning and saw your ostracization to the badlands.

your face may not be memorable but once obtained there is consensus that the world is better without it. is this the kind of love God is praised for showing his children??/ no, it is not. it is for this reason and this reason alone, it is best that the poor confide amongst themselves, where they are no longer weak but unified. leaving the rich then to fend for themselves, only reaching out in need of assistance or betterment.

so i question you, who is your God??/ money or personal betterment???// no need to lie. aint shit pretty over here.

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