.live-in pleasure service.

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i look forward to hearing from you,



.the first black president.

the first black president

dedicated to the rose the grew from concrete

if you feel short and wish to feel tall all you have to do is jump without being afraid to fall.
soon you’ll be flying, next you will soar. good job kid you turned a jump into a dunk, and a dunk into a score.
but you don’t have to stop there. there’s so much more you could do, and don’t let anyone tell you differently because anything they can do you can do too.
they’ll say ‘you can go to africa to see how lions get food, but if you want to pet one you’ll have to go to the zoo.’
those will be the same friends who hand you a can when you say you want to taste the mountain dew, but what good is a friend who only believes in what you can’t do.
they put a man on the moon, a couple of monkeys too.
so, if you want to go you can; i hear the first thing you need to know is how to tie a tie on a space suit.
but you don’t have to stop there. there’s so much more you could do,
and don’t let anyone tell you differently because anything neil can do you can do too.
some may laugh at your belief
others may call you names like lame, strange, and insane.
but you can have the world as your playground if you tell them of the stars from which you came.
you could amaze the crowds as you pull a rabbit out of a hat.
or go over to julie’s yard if you want to dance to some modern jazz.

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.middle of nowhere.

i guess i AM at the age where important decisions need to be made in my life, though something tells me i AM past that. i don’t know about for you, but for me, the years go quicker than they did when i was nine. back then i was going to be an astronaut, an explorer of the unknown, a traveller of space, a knight in the last frontier. everybody grows up.

“you got me messed up if you think i’m going to be following you across the country, just living wherever,” words from my ex. she must of saw it in me; a desire for the world. i had to have it. all of it. in the palm of my hand.. they say that is man’s ego, the death of him. each year i see myself creep closer to demise, ignoring the calendar.

i must of lost sight some time ago, as i don’t even know where i AM at anymore. how did i allow myself here? what is the point in continuing this realm??/ the kinds of questions i have begun to ask myself drive past ‘what do i believe in,’ and bother ‘why???/’ the truth i live is a lie to this world, or perhaps it is my existence that is the lie. no one bothers.

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.european soul.

people seem to always be interested in what i AM listening to and considering myself to have a really advanced ear, i AM always willing to share. since the industry has turned it’s back on me however, it has gotten harder to appreciate the radio as much as i once did. it seems lately, every song is blasphemous forcing me to turn off and focus my energy on my own passions.  still, there is a lot of really good music out there if you’re willing to sift through the filters.

always being more of a fan of the indie artist with more obscure names i have recently been getting in touch with my european soul and listening to the second album from citizens! the album is simply phenomenal, and everything beck’s album should have been. [give her the grammy back beck!!] Continue reading

.poor people hang with poor people.

there are times when i feel like i AM from another planet and there are others when i wish i was. the disconnect a person can have from his physical self can easily place him out of touch to his mental. there are wavelengths that shift and capture energy placing him in corners of the universe only imaginable in dream sequence. yet, the walking hours are spent in search of sense.

modern society suggest when you wake in the morning you walk out your door, get in your car, and you go to the money and; that is the only thing that makes cents to the trained brain. we’re on a perpetual journey to obtain betterment. in fact, your only actual job on this earth is obtaining betterment. the idea of being better than you were the day before, the week, month, year; better than your fathers and mothers before you, better still than person you left behind last. it’s a journey that never ceases and a journey that keeps the world spinning. when they say “money makes the world go round,” it’s because of your incessance to obtain.

to question this incessance would bring to question one’s sanity, and quickly put him/her on the outskirts of society’s comfort. comfort being an upkeep of civilization, there is a general consensus that the rested are the weak, and the weak are on whom to feed. there is enough to go around, but communion is reserved for the clean. in order to keep the waters clean civilization requires that only those trained through obstinacy socialize. the weak being foul, are viewed as savage. Continue reading