.adrien broner vs. the st. halloween massacre.

since “beyoncé” the album has come out nobody who knows my backstory has let me sleep, because of “drunk in love” if nothing else. the song is called “drunk in lust” btw, and if not that “we be all night…” the love has been killed.

if you can’t tell, there were times i began to shun the truth just to get peace in my life. it’s not easy walking around being viewed as a rap God who releases a mixtape that only has three clicks on soundcloud. yeah jayz might of listened and jacked a bar or two, and even put em on the song as a diss but, he’ll never acknowledge it, and you’ll never believe it. still, it’s not easy to shun the truth when lebron moves back to cleveland and brings jayz, kendrick lamar, beyoncé, kevin hart, and the whole bandwagon with him for his homecoming, which i might have egged on.

i don’t go out in cleveland often because everybody there does look at me like a rap God, but i literally am walking, and i don’t like the funny stares i receive. but, if you say beyoncé is in my city; i AM going to have to go find her.

i don’t know though, whenever i try it always backfires. of course, i found out she was in town too late to get a ticket to the season opener and even if i could get one, i don’t have enough money to buy a ticket anywhere near where she would be sitting. i seemed to had misplaced dan gilbert’s number and i heard she gave my drunk in love/video idea/ secret release idea money to kanye. so if i was to have some pocket change, it was spent on a diamond grill, or kryptonite, or whatever egomaniacs squander their funds on.

i went out that night knowing that i had missed my beyoncé chance. also knowing jayz was going to spend his night making sure we didn’t get to see each other, i ended up on w.sixth street. anytime i AM on the six, as it is affectionately called, i have to stop in paninis to get a slice, it’s a must! my night was almost ruined when i almost had to snuff one of my old homies from school for getting out of pocket with me over who knows what. he started talking about how he moved to new york by himself or something, me blowing his chance with kanye, and some other shit. after i heard ‘kanye‘ i blacked out and went into ass beating mode. as far as i AM concerned, kanye has been keeping me away from beyoncé. he seemed ready to take that ass whooping for ye too. luckily, there were friends in the building, it got cooled out, and i went happily on my way; with the refreshment of women on my mind.

i ended up at ‘rumor,’ as in “rumor has it she’s the one you’re leaving me for???/” rumor has it that club was opened as a ‘fuck you’ to my legacy but fuck it, it wasn’t nothing else to do and i wasn’t going to find beyoncé so….. a shot is a shot.

the bar was empty as fuck when i got there, but slowly started to build. i was drunk as hell so i aint care too much and tried to make the most of it by practicing my #pretty ass dance moves in aspirations of shooting a video.

the night took a turn when one of the cute bartenders approached me with a bottle of henn. i drinks henn, that’s the pac in me. tonight wasn’t the night for that though, i had already almost gotten into a fight, and had to politely decline after scanning the room for ladies and the bartender declining to help me finish it, maybe if she had offered me a bottle of remy. i started to flirt with her a little bit, but she was acting like it was her first day, which made me start to wonder if she even meant to give me that bottle, she couldn’t tell me where it came from no way.

by the end of the night it became clear who sent the bottle as vip let out. there was this little 5’7 dude exiting while running off at the mouth. he was instigating a fight, which made me stand back ready to play hero incase the cute bartender became endangered then, i realized who it was, and put together who had sent the bottle. i went over to try and calm the homie down, making promises that tomorrow’s halloween party would be bigger, better, and equipped with more women; almost giving him my number because i needed a ride. it seemed to be exactly what he wanted, his eyes got so big as i approached.

i didn’t like the fact that a visitor had come to my city and started picking random fights with my peoples. i asked him who had told him to come to this club looking for me, inferring money mayweather, and his eyes grew bigger; “beyoncé.” i asked him about that ‘ab i got your cd’ line that drake left off, he seemed not to like that so much, i pulled my phone out anyway. but, before i could ramble off a number somebody had hit me. this was important to me, so i ignored it. i actually moved adrien broner out the way, covered him, and promised him nobody was going to attack us if he just kept it cool. then somebody hit me! again!! bitch!!!

i noticed it was one of the people who came in with ab. i immediately hit dude, and let ab have one too. me and adrien tangled up for a good minute, my only goal was to make him touch the ground and not start leaking. me and adrien broner are undeniably the same weight class, but there is also no doubt he is a trained fighter who carries his weight as so. i had my hands full. i switched styles on him to increase my advantage. his friend were relentless in their efforts, however. i had to ask the city for assistance, this wasn’t even my fight to begin with. there were policemen in the building but they just stood back and watched what they must of considered their chance for a free ppv, eventually joining his side in attacking me. we had a good lil round that ended with who i think was mickey bey pulling me off of broner. i was cool with that because mickey is from cleveland. i truly had feelings on a nigga from cincinnati coming up to cleveland and starting shit for no reason.  luckily, i had beyoncé still in the back of my mind so, i joked it off. i asked broner, “is that how the refs be cheating you when you in the ring,” he immediately agreed, knowing i had just survived at least four people’s attacks. i laughed at the notoriety but was unobstainably pissed.

i aint no snitch, and the police clearly were on the guy’s with money side, so i just went home to lick my wounds, wishing then more than ever she was by my side to stroke my ego… i aint make no phone calls to squad up, and i aint send no subliminal tweets, matter fact i haven’t even told anyone that story until this moment. i just watched on the internet for a few days until ab got on youtube and posted the video below:

keep in mind this is the only place you’ve heard the love for michael jackson and tupac mentioned together. if you see he’s joking, that’s because he’s a clown. there’s an obvious fear or worry behind those words. butt uhhhhhhh…… somebody should of told him;

aint shit pretty. he should of just said what really happened.


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