.that one time i met future.

since everybody seems to be trippin out over my last couple of posts i feel the need to explain myself. i admit i have made some outlandish comments from calling mike tyson the greatest loser, to naming jayz tupac’s murderer, while calling kanye west a rapist and a murderer, then naming myself the new mike, and let’s not forget the aaliyah story i glossed over because it involved us fuckin. i suppose i need to explain myself.

i would have to take you back to around ninety.four for you to get a full glimpse, but i aint got that kind of time so we going to have to talk more recently. in the last post i explained how i met immature; me and romeo plotted on hooking up with destiny’s child and taking over the rap game. that didn’t quite work out for neither of us, but in twenty.thirteen i got my chance.

i was living in new orleans working on an “untitled” documentary highlighting the origins of bounce music when the director decided her and i should take a trip to hattiesburg, missipissi where they were hosting one of the largest parties in the south, que/delta. i AM an alpha so; i was hesitant to show support but i just looove the reds and that was enough to get me there without questions.

once we got to hattiesburg the film’s director told me future was going to be at the party to further edge my excitement. knowing my past interactions with people with more money than me, i tend not to mix well. celebrities, more specifically rappers, always expect something out of me that i can’t immediately produce: usually involving beyoncé. however, i had been hearing about future’s growing popularity and was interested in the show.

we got to the party and it was literally a packed arena. kenna immediately suggested i get on stage, which i turned down. i know me and i know how i party, and i knew if i got on stage i was going to make it my party and my show. to me it was the opposing frat’s party, and it was too many women in the building for me to spend my night on stage cramped next to a bunch of dudes. i was trying to keep it cool.

now, when i say i was turnt the fuck up, i mean i was turnt the fuck up! there wasn’t a que in that bitch who didn’t see me hop up on one of they hunnies, or a chick in the party i didn’t get a little wet. they must of played “ bugatti” one too many times or something because, before i knew it somebody was telling me future wanted me to come get up on stage with him but, i was getting too much love in the crowds, so i made him come down and holla at me. he came down like a g and holla’d at me. sure enough, the conversation got turned to beyoncé, who i have never met because of some immature shit batman, ldb, or romeo must have said. he aint really want nothing but to make a song with her, which was cool. jayz or somebody must didn’t think he was that hot but, i AM the plug, so he shot. i was fucked up forreal. but i remember walking around the party and making him tell everybody in the party i was hotter than him. he looked at me like, ‘nigga are you serious, they playin my shit right now,’ to which i offered him the inside of my pocket to hold. he knew i was serious with it.

he handled all my requests and aint have no cash on him so i told him he could go back on stage to the niggas, he really wanted that song with beyoncé though. so i made him a deal, he do one with me and he then he could do one with her. it was like magic, his eyes flickered. he immediately asked me to freestyle for him but, i was too fucked up. i must of went in like five times before i actually got a rhyme off. that’s when i remember him straight up asking me, “what was you drinkin??/” i was about to walk away infuriated with myself, but he understood, and i turned around blurting out: #watermelon nigga. his eyes flickered again and he immediately brandished a pen and pad to jot down my reaction. i knew right then i liked future’s style and told him to chill in the party with me some more.

i could tell he already got what he wanted, but he kept it cool. we discussed video ideas, how albums are released and monetized, and i suggested beyoncé to be big enough of a star to not need to announce her album with a release date. he told me people had been talking about me, and that he viewed me as a rap God. after that, he asked me if i ever met lebron, my response being ‘nahh, that’s like my brother doe.’ he laughed it off, but we were both serious.  i proclaimed lebron to be writing a book about me.  now, i seriously doubt lebron spends his off seasons writing books, i do love to hear him articulate lately though. i think he thought i was interesting forreal, even invited me to go back to his spot and kick it. i declined because i thought he was trying to do some gay shit but, i gave him a kiss for his considerations regarding beyoncé. the truth is i had missed her, and enjoyed our conversation over her. i had hoped he would tell her about me.

before i let him return to the party i asked him about atlanta, the parties, gucci mane, migos, whom i’ve also met, and who he thought the baddest chick in atlanta was. he was acting like he aint have no answers, so i asked him flat out about ciara and told him to go lock that down because i wanted to work with her one day.  him and i were now friends… and we all know how that ended up.

p.s. if anybody see beyoncé tell her i said the song is called, “we be all night…” she still drunk and aint paying attention.

aint nothin pretty.

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