.give me the title they dont want tidal.

remember on marshall mathers when eminem was like…

all of a sudden, i got ninety-somn cousins
a half-brother and sister who never seen me
or even bothered to call me until they saw me on tv
now everybody’s so happy and proud
i’m finally allowed to step foot in my girlfriend’s house
and then to top it off i walked to the news stand
to buy this cheap ass little magazine with a food stamp
skipped to the last page, flipped right fast
and what do i see? a picture of my big white ass
okay, let me give you mothafuckas some help….”

that’s how i feel right now, every time i get on twitter and see kanye’s name. i just can’t support the homie no more, and i tried. he so fake to me. at a press conference wearing a donda shirt; everybody knows he only supports donda to people he doesn’t really support. it’s like a b-role to him.

the whole industry seem fake to me all of sudden just for their dealings with ye, and i was really trying to be down for people. the only thing that makes it better is you guys, the fans, starting to see it for yourself.

tidal was supposed to be a reigniting of the artistry, and i totally get what jay-z was trying to do. i doubt everyone else on the stage gets it though. the truth of the matter is no one fucks with pandora like that.. or spotify or none of that shit forreal forreal. they appreciate that it’s a free access to new artists and musicians. people are interested in the art, and many of the people on that stage are hiding it behind the money. we never even seen daft punk’s face, that could be steve jobs and john lennon behind that mask making music and reselling it directly to itunes.

some of these celebrities have too much money, with which they have built a mountain to hide behind. think about it, the only time you see oprah is out in switzerland or some place buying a one of a kind purse to hide her personals. give me that money oprah, i will make better use of it for you.

taylor swift took her album off of spotify not because she wasn’t getting enough money, but because her fans buy her albums. i watched the tidal press conference and i could just see the look on people’s faces on stage. i truly think beyoncé gets it but, everyone else on that stage was there purely for money. rihanna immediately came out and said it “bitch better have my money!!” and that wasn’t to her fans, that was to the people she signed her allegiance to on that dotted line.

i AM going to be honest i contacted the tidal ceo and submitted myself as an artist, because i know how to use the technology.. he quit… the issue got brought to light when kanye west was the first to change his twitter profile picture back from blue and delete the tweets associated with the brand. he was quoted stating the reason for deletion as he didn’t like the public associations with the illuminati. that’s a feeling a guilt. everybody know kanye started the illuminati catastrophe when he ran up on stage saying beyoncé had the best video of all time on michael jackson’s channel in front of mtv. that shit made me want to scream!!! he then took it further trying to play with “power”; hanging the sword of damocles followed with a hellenistic swing. watch the throne was his and jay-z’s acme of illuminati theory. ya’ll not fooling me with the shits. i AM watching. my eyes are open.

everybody knows nothing is deleted on the internet, forcing ye to repost tidal references to his account but, the damage has already been done. you are exposed. every time you see kanye out he is a different person. he doesn’t want you to know it but, that’s the reason he walking around running into stop signs and complaining about paparazzi “flashing lights” in his face. this the same person who proclaimed to be yeezus and then announced his follow up to be an album titled “so god help me”. how kanye???// nevermind to question if that is even him making that music anymore. i mean, without a doubt i was amped when “can’t tell me nothing” came out; i couldn’t wait til i got my money right! i aint one of the cosby’s neither, and i didn’t go to hilman my damn self. but look at kanye today and he is back to using his ‘white voice’ in public after winning a time most influential person award. the white voice he first started using in an overseas interview that was made famous for quotes and ideas that were never really his own in the first place. the last album he made was on some neo-nazi-i hate white people shit, it got rejected by the masses and he later flipped his own interpretation of the album. today; it’s one of his most celebrated works and he admits it’s his least favorite, probably because he doesn’t understand the social acknowledgement. to him i propose it’s just yeezus.  we should just love him because he is yeezus. get the fuck out of here; nigga aint no muthafuckin God.

he went on tour and didn’t perform any of the songs that made him famous, but spent an hour crying about white people not giving him money.  dawwg, you got a packed arena full of people who just paid you. since when name dropping steve jobs and walt disney make you a genius??/ that’s not real. that’s not art. that’s not some new form of creativity. that’s a thirty.seven year old man that doesn’t know how to act. he a brat. tidal was doomed the minute jay-z let kanye on stage wearing that donda shirt and he knew it. if you ask me jay just wanted to show ya’ll he had enough money to through away into the ocean and wave it goodbye.  that’s what tidal mean to me, wave goodbye. aint nothing pretty.

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