.okc says bye-bye to scott brooks.

the nba was set ablaze today, and not by the overtime victory the spurs put over the clippers making them the only evened series in the first round. prevailing, it is the little happenings that one must pay attention to in order to gain the full details of what is actually going on. for this reason i AM convinced gregg popovich is the most maniacal genius in nba history. his genius extends past coaching the aging spurs into record breaking season year after year into a defending champion post… i saw him scheming his way into comfort well before the playoffs actually started. popovich’s only goal appeared to be avoid the the oklahoma city thunder whom had bounced the spurs first round a few years prior. okc had played themselves into a seven seed days before the playoffs were to start and all the spurs had to do was lose a game to the new orleans pelicans, pushing okc into an eight seed, and then placing them against the golden state warriors ranked at number one.

the oklahoma thunder did not control their own fate and a win by the pelicans and another by the rockets bounced them right out of the playoffs. having continually gotten close but never actually getting to see lebron and win a championship, the thunder today decided to fire the twenty.ten and twenty.eleven coach of the year based on his performance in not getting into this year’s post season. analytically brooks had just as good a year as any, hindrance springing from injuries in both kevin durant, russell westbrook, and back again. bringing to question what will happen with the thunder next year, and who will be in charge of the team many consider the biggest threat in the west???// i would be willing to bet the thunder turns to rumbling as kevin durant will soon be in a boston celtics jersey. the firing of scott brooks is just a forecast to the storm brewing in oklahoma’s management office.

a better question would be what is going to happen to scott brooks, who is still as good a coach as any. cleveland is always looking for coaches, and with a .620 win percentage earning three conference finals visits could anyone see lebron arguing that placement??/ in fact, he’d probably welcome it just to rub in durant’s face that he is better with the same tools. i don’t know… there is also the atlanta hawks, who despite being the number one team in the east were just sold for eight hundred million dollars. bruce levenson must really hate hearing rap music in his stadium and having to watch all those thick assed cheerleaders shake their badonkadonk on the jumbotron. if only i had eight hunnid milli lying around, i would of bought the hawks just for the view and gave brooks a job for the contention. alas, the management decisions for the hawks will lie in the hands of tony ressler and grant hill.

oh yeah, rondo was said to be quitting basketball today. rick carlisle was said to state rondo will never wear a mavericks jersey again. it was also stated that this was related to back problems, but anyone who knows rondo knows it was probably really talking-back problems. i would have to ask my ex girlfriend if i want the inside scoop forreal but, fuck her right now. she used to date him back in college, making him my favorite player to hate. he probably hates me too, but it’s all love: it’s just aint nothing pretty.

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