.in remembrance of columbine.

today marks the sixteenth year of memorial for the shooting at columbine high school in littleton, colorado.  it was this date sixteen years ago that two teenage boys walked into their school and killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher.

in nineteen.ninety-nine the world stopped to examine how this could be happening amongst our children, and once the culprit was found i immediately had to get rid of my copy of mortal kombat. markedly, mortal kombat just celebrated it’s tenth release a week prior and my current profile picture on twitter features the character baraka for sentimental reasons to those who have left me behind.

since the shooting at columbine countless studies have been done examining adolescent attitudes and violence in video games; finding no specific damage to their psyche. society has been left in desperation as these kinds of tragedies continue to happen across the country and games like mortal kombat, call of duty, and grand theft auto continue to set records in sales.

i stand by our second amendment, but hate to see these stories in the news. everyone immediately feels for the lives stolen, while i consistently find myself lost trying to back the kinds of lack of love that can drive one to such madness.

we live in chaos. aint nothing pretty.

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