.hillary’s running for president, and???/.

a little over a week ago hillary clinton addressed the world’s assumptions and officially announced her run for president of the united states in the next upcoming election by going viral.

the well crafted video captures americans of all walks aspiring for one thing, familial security. hillary formally makes her candidacy public at the end, closing with the advert “hillary for america.” the “H” in hillary is based in an american blue in juxtaposition to a red arrow stretched across it. i AM not really sure what to take away from hillary’s statement but, this video does not have me sold, and neither does the fact that it took her so long to actually enter the race despite, practically the whole world’s assumption.

whatever i was supposed to take away doesn’t really matter much because, i probably will not vote for hillary anyway.  i AM a registered independent, who is socially conservative in a financially democratic situation. this equation should put me right on track for a clinton vote but, unfortunately i believe this to be the wrong clinton.

during the first clinton’s presidency i was much younger and remember times being so good the joke was bill was ‘the first black president,’ some even taking it further stating they would vote for hillary just to get four more years of bill. flash forward to today and that is the exact situation we have placed ourselves in; only i do not believe hillary’s global plan to be the same plan bill used to take the country out of a losing position and in the forefront as a superpower. seeing the expansion of the internet, an increase in employment, the lowering of national debt, a growing number of homeowners, the lowering of government spending with a decrease of people’s dependency on welfare and other state funded programs, and an increase on the accessibility of education it is no wonder why everyone is so eager to sign up for four more years. the only true fault in bill clinton’s presidency cums from a personal relationship he had with his then assistant, monica lewinsky, which i AM not one hundred percent sure did not involve hillary’s influence.

bill’s impeachment was the exact moment hillary began plotting her bid for presidency. regardless of the politics that were going on she felt entitled to the throne for her dealings with bill. i watched as women across many spectrums took sides, some siding her strength to stand by her man, others siding her entitlement for her dealings with such a dog, and i don’t think any of it mattered to her because, her mind was already made up. she wanted it all! and in 2000 she got her wish, using the name to become the first woman elected senator of new york.

it is questionable whether new york is a better state since hillary’s placement. however, we can agree that giuliani had his hands full with city, often considering taking the seat of presidency for himself, and getting a strong backing for it. current new york city mayor and former hillary clinton assistant, bill de blasio, has recently gone on record stating he will not back hillary in her campaign until she states what her exact stance is on certain policies important to the people. de blasio flat out stated, “we need to see the substance” in regards to hillary’s views on wage inequality, infrastructure, and a health care reform which made her famous during the nineties.

thanks to barack obama, the actual ‘first black president,’ hillary got herself a seat inside the white house. this placement saw her title shift from first lady to secretary of state. national email scandal aside, hillary’s run as secretary of state was record breaking. mrs. clinton logged more travel hours than any other secretary of state and visited more nations. her run was however failed by a benghazi cover up that showed at the very least hillary’s carelessness for order and leadership. add that misstep in her career to a personal crisis that saw her fall ill to a tumor rumored to have complications with her excessive travel and one has to immediately question if hillary clinton actually has the capacity to maintain the position of commander-in-chief.

there are certain posts and executions that a commander-in-chief is supposed to take in stride, that i just am not sure mrs. clinton has intentions to carry out right now. america has just been put through a historical period, with the election of barack obama, which is why it would not be wise to vote in the first woman president at this time. it is much too easy to get sidetracked by the idea of just making history, while what we really are looking for is progression into our future.

hilary and obama’s view points have never differed much and though she is the most traveled secretary of state to date, she still managed to mismanage us foreign affairs. while many celebrate her accomplishments, i question their acknowledgement. the truth of the matter is, we are at a country at war. we have been at war since 2001. and with the expansion of isis, the creation of isil, saudi arabia’s discontent with middle east dealings, libya’s recent rambunctions, and yemen’s eagerness to make a name for itself by accepting all comers, we are on the brink of entering a world war iii.

the joke for a long time had been if we let a woman run the country she would led us right down the path to war, citing biblical references to the garden of eden. while it was somewhat funny back when bill was the first black president; today it holds a veracity that insists certainty with your ballot.

these next upcoming months leading into the november election i AM going to be paying close attention to which candidate is most certainly for america. the importance of small businesses and the ingenuity birthed by their creation is without a doubt immeasurable. even still, america has a responsibility to the world whether we like to admit it or not. our dealings with the foreign affairs that hillary clinton so eagerly walked away from in twenty.thirteen to prep her current run is telling of this and speaks on her nature. we have certain obligations that must be dealt with abroad that proffer the home victories we are so desperately in need. the recent hollywood glamorization that has overtaken our politics may have sidetracked us. this is the same overtaking that has stirred turmoil in budding nations that we have tried to instill our democratic ways upon. bringing to theory; perhaps we are so desperately in need of help that is not coming because, we are the help!  if hillary truly wants to win this election she will address this truth with the public in november; taking a change in direction from every other historical politician. imagine what great things could be accomplished simply by asking for help instead of making empty promises of what can be given.

now wouldn’t that be the ladylike thing to do??/ or is nothing pretty anymore???//

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