.adrien broner vs. the st. halloween massacre.

since “beyoncé” the album has come out nobody who knows my backstory has let me sleep, because of “drunk in love” if nothing else. the song is called “drunk in lust” btw, and if not that “we be all night…” the love has been killed.

if you can’t tell, there were times i began to shun the truth just to get peace in my life. it’s not easy walking around being viewed as a rap God who releases a mixtape that only has three clicks on soundcloud. yeah jayz might of listened and jacked a bar or two, and even put em on the song as a diss but, he’ll never acknowledge it, and you’ll never believe it. still, it’s not easy to shun the truth when lebron moves back to cleveland and brings jayz, kendrick lamar, beyoncé, kevin hart, and the whole bandwagon with him for his homecoming, which i might have egged on.

i don’t go out in cleveland often because everybody there does look at me like a rap God, but i literally am walking, and i don’t like the funny stares i receive. but, if you say beyoncé is in my city; i AM going to have to go find her.

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.kevin hart sucks at cupid.

apparently, the hart in kevin means cupid. but, who believes in love anymore? i can’t really explain how much i love beyoncé without some beyHIVE member hyping themselves, it truly is a feeling i rather hide away beneath the surface sometimes.

we can all turn on the tv and see she has somebody else, complete with a family. none of that really matters to me, but it is what it is. i admit, all that forgiven i’d still like a day to meet her, just chill.  it’s like my whole life has revolved around the mysterious girl with the “superpowers,” it’d be better if we could just get it over with.

twenty.eleven’s closing: i decided to put my eggs in a basket and catch a watch the throne concert in seattle. i’ve seen kanye live before, but never jayz, and just knew with both of them together beyoncé was sure to be somewhere near. them beyoncé tickets sell out before they’re actually posted, so this might have been my only shot. i bought floor seats to make sure i had a view.

bey never showed up or, maybe i showed up too late. however i AM sure kanye west looked me dead in my eye and something strange started to happen. something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. the whole atmosphere of the room changed. there they were, jayz and kanye west, two of the biggest rappers in the world on the stage but, i was about to tear the roof off that muthafucka! i needed her and was willing to take it to the moon and the stars to get her. that’s when it became clear, somebodies’ hiding her. Continue reading

.that one time i met future.

since everybody seems to be trippin out over my last couple of posts i feel the need to explain myself. i admit i have made some outlandish comments from calling mike tyson the greatest loser, to naming jayz tupac’s murderer, while calling kanye west a rapist and a murderer, then naming myself the new mike, and let’s not forget the aaliyah story i glossed over because it involved us fuckin. i suppose i need to explain myself.

i would have to take you back to around ninety.four for you to get a full glimpse, but i aint got that kind of time so we going to have to talk more recently. in the last post i explained how i met immature; me and romeo plotted on hooking up with destiny’s child and taking over the rap game. that didn’t quite work out for neither of us, but in twenty.thirteen i got my chance. Continue reading


.i AM the boyKING.

i heard they been lookin for me but, not hard enough. i don’t want anyone to think i AM just rambling in my last post, pulling fabrications out of my ass. i have been talking about some of this shit since…check my twitter. this shit means something to me so i try to keep it cool on most topics, but i AM getting fed up with the lack of love i AM receiving.

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.give me the title they dont want tidal.

remember on marshall mathers when eminem was like…

all of a sudden, i got ninety-somn cousins
a half-brother and sister who never seen me
or even bothered to call me until they saw me on tv
now everybody’s so happy and proud
i’m finally allowed to step foot in my girlfriend’s house
and then to top it off i walked to the news stand
to buy this cheap ass little magazine with a food stamp
skipped to the last page, flipped right fast
and what do i see? a picture of my big white ass
okay, let me give you mothafuckas some help….”

that’s how i feel right now, every time i get on twitter and see kanye’s name. i just can’t support the homie no more, and i tried. he so fake to me. at a press conference wearing a donda shirt; everybody knows he only supports donda to people he doesn’t really support. it’s like a b-role to him.

the whole industry seem fake to me all of sudden just for their dealings with ye, and i was really trying to be down for people. the only thing that makes it better is you guys, the fans, starting to see it for yourself.

tidal was supposed to be a reigniting of the artistry, and i totally get what jay-z was trying to do. i doubt everyone else on the stage gets it though. the truth of the matter is no one fucks with pandora like that.. or spotify or none of that shit forreal forreal. they appreciate that it’s a free access to new artists and musicians. people are interested in the art, and many of the people on that stage are hiding it behind the money. we never even seen daft punk’s face, that could be steve jobs and john lennon behind that mask making music and reselling it directly to itunes.

some of these celebrities have too much money, with which they have built a mountain to hide behind. think about it, the only time you see oprah is out in switzerland or some place buying a one of a kind purse to hide her personals. Continue reading

.okc says bye-bye to scott brooks.

the nba was set ablaze today, and not by the overtime victory the spurs put over the clippers making them the only evened series in the first round. prevailing, it is the little happenings that one must pay attention to in order to gain the full details of what is actually going on. for this reason i AM convinced gregg popovich is the most maniacal genius in nba history. his genius extends past coaching the aging spurs into record breaking season year after year into a defending champion post… i saw him scheming his way into comfort well before the playoffs actually started. popovich’s only goal appeared to be avoid the the oklahoma city thunder whom had bounced the spurs first round a few years prior. Continue reading